Anita Nygaard 02-26-2019

March 14, 2019

Anita Nygaard, the President at CorHR, has been a practitioner of human resources and organizational development for 25 years. She talks about when it's time for companies to recognize the need to formalize their employment practices, and also about the changing world of compliance and how important it is for companies to be compliant in all matters of human resources.

Mary Lucas and Cindy Ballard - 2/12/2019

March 1, 2019

Mary Lucas, the CTO for Supplemental Health Care and Cindy Ballard, the CHRO for ICM Partners joined Chris on TalentTalk to discuss their strategies for leadership and talent management.

Mary talks about the importance of "comeback sauce" and also shares how important it is to be diligent in ones career in order to move up the "corporate ladder." She also notes the importance of people having their "champions."

Cindy talks about what it's like to attract and grow diverse talent, and how her organization is taking steps to ensure inclusion. She also shares about how the MeToo movement has changed the shape of the understanding of HR, and how HR needs to be better understood. 

Lisa Dadd and Richard Mattern - 2/5/2019

March 1, 2019

Lisa Dadd, Transformation Leadership Trainer and Coach, and Richard Mattern, the President of the Mattern Group share their thoughts on leadership and culture.

Lisa talks about her passion to develop a new breed of audaciously conscious leaders, and how this new leader will be important for today's workplace culture. She also shares about how traditional organizations can learn from more dynamic, transformational ones.

Richard feels that a mission statement can add value to a business, and also talks about the key to successful management. The President/CEO sets the tone for the organization, and the senior leadership directs the culture to maximize buy in and belief in it. 

Jason Greer and Pam Schmidt - 01/29/2019

February 22, 2019

Jason Greer, a Brain Based Employment Expert and Diversity Trainer, and Pam Schmidt, a consultant that specializes in the "human side of business" join Chris for today's show. Jason talks about brain based diversity, and how the brain influences our fear of others. He also expresses the importance of building commonalities across cultures. 

Pam Schmidt talks about specializing and focusing on the human side of business, and how bettering the employee experience can lead to growth. She also shares how drawing out creativity in employees can encourage them to feel like they are contributing more. 

L.T. Ladino Bryson and Jill Christensen - 02/05/2019

February 5, 2019

This episode of TalentTalk features L.T. Ladino Bryson, the Co-Founder and CEO of and Jill Christensen, Employee Engagement Expert. L.T. talks about herself as an "employment therapist" as well recruiting through and how the differentiators of this product set it apart from others in the marketplace. Jill talks about her passion to help other companies become better with their engagement, and how companies can bring better leadership and communication through greater transparency. 

Tracy Butz and Caryn Lee - 01/15/2019

January 30, 2019

Tracy Butz, the Owner of Think Impact Solutions and Caryn Lee, Managing Partner of Narrative appeared on TalentTalk to give their thoughts on talent and culture. 

Tracy talked about how to effectively energize a culture and excite the employees that are a part of it. She also talked about the importance of having teams that are empowered by leadership to be autonomous and high performing. Caryn focused on her use of assessments in talent management, and talked about the importance of using these for everything from finding the right talent to resolving conflicts between team members.

Dayna Gilchrist and Ray Stitle - 01/08/2019

January 30, 2019

Dayna Gilchrist, the Founder and CEO of The Hype! Agency and Ray Stitle, the Chief People Officer for Monogram Foods got TalentTalk off on the right foot in 2019. Dayna talks about how she has worked to develop the culture in her own organization, and how this culture has helped to keep her company ahead of the competition. Ray offers up some great advice on how to maintain an organization's culture, as well as the need to be diligent about succession planning to maintain the integrity and efficiency of the company.

Wayne Turmel and Chieu Cao - 12/11/2018

January 11, 2019

Wayne Turmel, the Co Founder of the Remote Leadership Institute and Chieu Cao (Chew Chow), Co-Founder and CMO of Perkbox join Chris Dyer to talk about their thoughts on talent, leadership and culture.

Wayne Turmel, described by Marshall Goldsmith as one of the most unique voices in the world of work, talks about The Remote Leadership Institute, and the challenges or remote work environments and the leadership that is needed for remote organizations to be successful. Chieu Cao talks about Perkbox and how it is helping to attract the next generation of talent. He also shares about some of the common mistakes that organizations make when they try to get their employees motivated and engaged.

Andrew Hard and Sue Parks - 12/4/2018

December 7, 2018

Andrew Hard, the CEO of CWM Media and Sue Parks, the President and CEO of the Orange County United Way are the guests for this episode of TalentTalk.

Andrew Hard talks about the importance of creating strategic communications for organizations, and how these strategic communications have been important in his companies role handling PR in the cannabis business. His hands off style of leadership helps his team to be creative and do what they do best. Sue Parks talks about the importance of corporate responsibility campaigns for their employees, and how the OC United Way helps design these programs. She also shares how her organization centers on a culture of compassion. 

Jacob Morgan and Lee Benson - 11/27/2018

December 7, 2018

Jacob Morgan, best selling author and Founder of The Future of Work University talks about the future of work and what that will look like for the coming generations. He also shares how some companies miss the mark when it comes to employee experience, but those that do well with their employee experience have the chance to retain the top talent. Lee Benson, the CEO of Execute to Win shares his thoughts on the importance of aligning all team members, and how this can easily bleed into successful employee engagement.