Talent Talk

Erika Andersen 12/21/2021

January 2, 2022

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Our one and only guest (The best guest this week!) Business Thinker, Keynote Speaker, Author ("Change from the Inside Out"), Founding Partner of Proteus International, Erika Andersen has delighted audiences with talks on leadership, change, and how to support a business and its employees through changing circumstances. Erika has worked with groups from NBCUniversal, Facebook, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, GE, Hulu, and Madison Square Garden, among many others! This week she has joined us on the show to talk about changing settings in a business environment. "We really need to rewire ourselves to live well in this new century.” How many technological advancements have come about since just the year 2000? How many social changes have there been? 

We discuss how change can be frightening - In the past, change has usually meant disaster of some sort or other. 'No news is good news,' as an old adage goes. Erika has some great strategies and tips to share about how to make the process of moving into the future easier and all around more pleasant for management, clients, and employees. 

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