Talent Talk

Jennifer Mackin & Sarah McVanel 01/05/21

January 24, 2021

Hello 2021! On the first episode of 2021, PeopleG2 CEO & host, Chris Dyer, interviews Jennifer Mackin, Author, Principal and CEO at Oliver Group and Principal, and President Leadership Pipeline Institute US. We chat about her book’s reference that the U.S. has been developing leaders the same way since the 1960s and  why that approach doesn’t work today. We discuss how current company leaders, such as CEOs and heads of HR, can create a better leadership development approach that results in effective leaders for their company’s future; including being directly involved in training the next wave of company leaders, and millennials demands.

It’s time to RECOGNIZE the power of company culture with the second TalentTalk guest, Sarah McVanel, President and Founder & Chief Recognition Officer at Greatness Magnified. We start with why recognition matters and if a culture can really be defined by how much recognition is present.  Are there ways most people want to be recognized, or does it vary? If so, how can leaders know or keep track when they have so many reports, work remotely, are busy, etc.? Get the answers to these questions and more on this episode. 

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