Talent Talk

Jill Katz 10/05/2021

October 8, 2021

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Enter: Assemble HR Consulting LLC Founder & Chief Change Officer Jill Katz. Jill joined us today to talk about Candor, Courage, & Care in becoming more people focused in the workplace. Coming from a great background in Human Resources, Jill has had a lot of experience in helping others grow professionally. Back before HR degrees were possible, being in the 'Personnel Department' was the next best thing! She shares a number of stories of her experiences in HR, the reason to become an entrepreneur, and the work-life balance. As Jill said about starting her own company with Assemble HR, "I kept walking to the edge of the cliff and saying 'I want to try this!' and I'm too scared, and I went back to my desk." That fear was pushed aside to make more time for family, be healthier, and happier. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time to get too far into Jill's incredible career, but hopefully there will be a repeat performance!


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