Talent Talk

Larry Olsen and Maurice Fuller 03/09/21

March 16, 2021

We're getting extra geeky on this episode of Talent Talk with PeopleG2 CEO and host, Chris Dyer, and astute guests, Larry OlsenAperneo CEO; and Maurice FullerStaffingTec Founder. We went deep diving into corporate geekery with a discussion on performance-driven neurology, company culture, staffing technology, and other leadership considerations. 

First up, Corporate Culture Expert, Keynote Speaker, Author and CEO of Aperneo, Larry R. Olsen joins us to discuss creating "Cultures That Ignite Profitability by Awakening an Engaged Workforce." We dive into performance-driven neurology and it's part in real business growth and sustainability. But stay tuned for Maurice Fuller, Staffing Technology expert and Founder of StaffingTec, to share about rapidly evolving technology and what it means for recruiting and staffing. We discuss top technology trends and how Robotic Process Automation and AI are impacting this space. Join us for a talk about the future of staffing and talent management. 

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