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Shauna Moran and Jonathan Brill 09/07/2021

September 10, 2021

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Shauna Moran speaks with us in the first half of today's show! Shauna has great insights into how teams come together with emotional intelligence. That includes psychological stability, emotional awareness, dealing with burnout and stress, and setting boundaries. It's important to have data from your team and to ask what they might need from you, as a leader. What might help them along in learning and growing? Shauna is an award-winning Executive Coach, founder of Operate Remote, and a coach for Up With Women

Following is Jonathan Brill: Public Speaker, Author of "Rogue Waves", Innovation Executive, Board Advisor - managing director at Resilient Growth Partners and a board member at Frost & Sullivan. Jonathan has some brilliant ideas about how to bring executive-level decision making strategies into the rest of a business. This is to let employees, who may see things in different ways or have access to information that management doesn't, help drive innovation and change down the line when a company needs it most. Diversity and thinking about the long term future can help greatly to make big shifts (Such as during a global pandemic.) Amazon and Zoom are great examples!

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