Talent Talk

Stacy Sherman and Jennifer C. Zamecki 08/24/2021

August 28, 2021

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Stacy Sherman is our first guest in today's episode! Stacy is the founder of DoingCXRight, a keynote speaker, and author of "Customer Experience 2". DoingCXRight is all about refining the customer experience to build brand loyalty, gather support for clients, and retaining people through enjoyment over price. She's joining us to talk about empathy, leadership, and having the uncomfortable conversations in order to build a better experience on all levels of a business. A happy customer is a returning customer!

Also joining us for a great discussion is Jennifer C. Zamecki, Founder & President at Well-Run Concepts Inc. Jennifer brings up some interesting topics involving work-life balance, where employee salary comes into the picture, job titles, and how healthy it is to be at a given job. Between the pandemic, economic slowdown, and concerns over wellbeing, is it hard to believe that employee's goals are shifting with what they want out of their career? 


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